Rino Solberg is a well-known Norwegian Inventor, Entrepreneur, Industrialist, Philanthropist, Speaker and Author who has built businesses on 4 continents over 50 years,
                written and published 10 Books within the area of "Personal Development.
                His business experience varies much and includes sales and marketing, import/export and manufacturing. As a young man he invented and got patents
                in 12 countries on a grinding machine for gate and globe valves (UNISLIP) and was building a manufacturing company for this product, with daughter
                companies in USA, Japan and Germany, and with agents in 25 countries. Today, approximately 70% of all Nuclear Power Stations all over the world have his machines.

                He sold that company after running it successfully for 13 years, and started a training and publishing company. He is also well known in Norway for over
                35 years as one of the most dynamic motivational speakers and for giving more than 1000 seminars/training courses to over 120.000 people in the area of Sales, Motivation,
                Communication, Leadership, ISO 9000 and Total Quality Management.

                He has also, as a consultant, helped approx. 80 companies in Norway and over 100 companies in Uganda and Kenya implementing the ISO 9000 quality
                system standard in their companies. He pioneered this kind of Quality work in Uganda already in 1994. Rino Solberg has now dedicated the rest of his life to build and
                run a group of companies called The Better Globe Group www.betterglobegroup.com with goals to help Africa eradicate Poverty and Corruption through
                Social Entrepreneurship, which is to use business based principles for helping people. He has also written a book about it and the book has been named:
                SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP The Better Globe Way Click here to buy the book! The Better Globe Group is working within these areas:

                1. Tree planting, saving the environment and providing thousands of rural jobs through massive tree planting, with goal to plant as many trees as there are people on this
                planet.www.betterglobeforestry.com (If YOU want to help the environment and make good money on trees at the same time click here). www.betterglobe.com

                2. Microfinance for Agriculture, helping poor farmers becoming self-sustained.

                3. Education, Building schools and helping African children getting through school www.childafrica.org and building Integrity in African children, in order to fight Corruption,
                through publishing and distributing the FREE Bingwa(Champion) Children Magazine to schools in Africa. www.bingwa.org and if you want to be a part of this great work you
                can look here www.bingwa.info                       

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