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Rino Solberg's Biography

Links to Company Websites

Below is a list of all company websites that i am associated with for many years, with a small description of the functions of the companies;

www.betterglobegroup.comThis the main website for all companies and partners of Better Globe and from here you can log on to each of them.

www.betterglobe.comThis is the website where people can buy "Trees" and "Donation packages"

www.betterglobeforestry.comThis is the main website for all Better Globe tree planting and other activities in Africa. From this website you can also access our Forestry Magazine MITI and read about our different tree planting projects.

www.betterglobe.asiaBetter Globe Philippines website where people can "adopt trees" and become "Carbon Free" as family or as a company. is our inspirational website, where people can find a lot of positive things like e-books, articles, tips & advises and quotes. All Rino's books can be read as e-books and there are 5 of Rino's Norwegian audio books to listen to, plus some motivational videos. This is the NGO Child Africa's website where people can sponsor children of their own choice or give a donation to a project. All sales of Better Globe "Donation packages" includes a donation to Child Africa.

www.bingwa.orgThis is the website of Child Africa medias Free BINGWA Magazine for children. Bingwa means"Champion" and our aim is to make champions of African children. This magazine can also be read online.

www.africa2trust.comThis is planned to be the biggest webportal for Africa where people can find out most of what they want about Africa and all the countries there.

www.rinosolberg.comThis is Rino's personal website with everything you did not know about him. Here is family, facts, photos, videos and other references to look at and read about. - This is a website that allows you to Plant a Tree in an African School in memory of your Loved ones. - This is a website that explains how Bingwa is used to fight poverty and corruption by building Integrity in children of Africa. - This is a website that allows you to "Neutralize" all your expenses and change them into savings in an unbelievable way. - This is Rino's personal book website where you can buy his books as e-books or audio books. ALL the money from the sale of the books goes to support the award winning NGO, Child Africa.