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Rino Solberg's Biography

Unislip Patent

Rino Solberg started the company "Unislip" when he in 1974 invented a unique grinding machine for valves and got patents in 12 countries on his invention. For 13 years he run the company and had companies in Norway, Germany, Japan and USA and agents for his machines in 25 other countries.

The machine was unique and quickly became the world leader in this business. The customers were tank ships, refineries and power stations all over the world. He sold the successful companies after 13 years in 1987 and started a training and publishing company. Today, probably 70-80% of all the nuclear power plants in the whole world have his machine.

There is still a market for these machines even though the patent is no longer valid (a patent expires after 20 years)and many companies have copied his successful product all over the world. That was also one of the reasons for him to sell the company while the patent was still valid.

However, information with photos and videos can still be found on Internet by searching for "Unislip" in Google